The eternal city of Rome, where all roads lead, is an attractive and romantic place with the highest concentration of attractions and its unique atmosphere. Here’s a brief guide to the best neighborhoods for young people, families with children, and art lovers.

Neighborhoods of Rome for the young and independent

A great idea for the young and independent is to settle as close to the center as possible. This is especially true for those who have decided to get their own house or apartment in Rome. Choosing an address near the center allows you to make the most of your time and be right in the middle of the action. Some of the busiest neighborhoods for the young include:


The Trastevere neighborhood is the most popular among young residents. This picturesque and bohemian neighborhood by the Tiber River somehow miraculously retains its suburban charm while still being part of the historic center. There’s always something going on here, and the rich selection of bars, restaurants and cafes promises to diversify your leisure time.

All in all, Trastevere is a charming neighborhood of restaurants and bars on every corner, picturesque and inspiring, central and popular. That said, it’s worth choosing your residential address carefully: sometimes it’s a noisy neighborhood with cheerful crowds of students at night. Often one hears English speech, not Italian. In Trastevere is also difficult to find a place to park, ground traffic has its own nuances, there is no subway. Apartments in the area are usually small in size, but often belong to the elite sector.


Located on the same side of the Tiber River as Trastevere, Prati is another popular choice for those wanting an apartment in Rome. Located north-east of the Vatican City, Prati is easily accessible from the heart of Rome by foot and by car. There are many upscale restaurants in the area, although the nightlife is not as lively as in Trastevere and Testaccio. In addition, Prati has the best and most varied shopping in the center.

So, the unquestionable pluses of the Prati area include excellent shopping, many well-kept green squares, famous restaurants, nearby subway, and within walking distance of the historic center. There are spacious apartments for sale. When buying an apartment, you should keep in mind that Prati is a tourist area, close to museums and the Vatican.


Testaccio was once a working-class neighborhood, but today it has become a veritable museum of modern art. With its proximity to Trastevere and the historic center, it has become very popular with young professionals and residents. Residents of the Testaccio neighborhood can say with confidence that they live in a true Roman atmosphere. Local cafes and restaurants, with their cheerful and relaxed atmosphere, offer Italian cuisine. In addition, Testaccio is an area of nightclubs, theaters and exhibitions.

Thus, Testaccio is a more affordable area compared to Trastevere and Prati, while being no less touristy and more lively in its nightlife. On the other hand, Testaccio is not as picturesque as the rest of the center, and next to the Via Monte di Testaccio it is noisy at night. Transportation routes do not include the subway.

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Neighborhoods in Rome for families

When buying property in Rome, some people move to the Italian capital as a family. The best place to live is in one of Rome’s famous hills (supposedly there are only seven, although there are actually more). The following three neighborhoods are great for families with children:

Aventine .

The only quiet neighborhood in the historic center, the Aventine is ideal for residents interested in a central location when choosing an address. The neighborhood boasts the most picturesque views in Rome, the largest and most important medieval temples in the capital, and famous landmarks such as Circus Maximus and the pyramid of Cestius. The Aventine is also notable for its variety of international schools.

Underscoring the main point, the Aventine is the most tranquil of the historic center neighborhoods, located on a hill, culturally rich, with a variety of transportation routes. Excellent restaurants can be found here, and real estate prices are at a consistently high level.


Located on Gianicolo Hill, behind Trastevere, the aristocratic Monteverde neighborhood is a great choice for residents with families. Slightly removed from the hustle and bustle of the historic center, this green neighborhood is full of families strolling through the parks. This is where the largest of Rome’s parks, Villa Pamphili, is located.

So, the Monteverde area is close to a variety of scenic parks, a good selection of prestigious restaurants and schools. Many of the apartments boast their own balconies and terraces. However, transportation options in this hilly area are not as varied as in Aventino, there is no subway, although parking is easy to find.

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