Rental rates are falling in Portugal

In August 2021, rents in the country fell 4.9% year-over-year.

What happened? According to the Idealista price index, in August 2021, the value of rents in Portugal fell by 4.9% year-on-year to €10.90 per square meter per month.

Regions. The sharpest fall in rental values was seen in the Lisbon region (-6.2%), followed by the Algarve (-0.6%) and the North (-0.6%). And the most rapid increase in rates was seen in the Alentejo (+3.9%), followed by the Centre (+3.8%), the Autonomous Region of Madeira (+2.4%) and the Autonomous Region of the Azores (+0.9%).

Most expensive and cheapest. The most expensive region continues to be Lisbon (€12.4 per square meter per month), followed by the Algarve (€9.8), the North (€9.3) and the Autonomous Region of Madeira (€8.1). At the opposite end of the scale are the Centre (€6.4 per sqm per month), the Alentejo (€6.8) and the Azores Autonomous Region (€6.9), which are the cheapest regions.

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