Only 4% of Polish families rent apartments

Of these, only 1% use institutional rentals.

Situation. According to the CBRE European Multifamily Housing Report, the apartment rental sector in Poland is small and dominated by individual owners. Only 4 percent of Polish families rent apartments, of which only 1 percent use institutional rentals, according to The First News.

Meanwhile, over the past decade, the overall percentage of Europeans living in rented housing has increased from 26% to 31%.

Oldypak lp
Oldypak lp

Quote. “The apartment rental sector in Poland is still small and dominated by individual owners,” CBRE noted.

According to analysts, the situation could change because of growing investor interest in the buy-to-rent segment and the younger generation’s less inclination toward long-term commitments such as mortgages.

The company says Europe’s apartment rental sector has resisted the pandemic, and institutional investor interest in the market is growing.

“Demographic trends, such as increasing urbanization, as well as real estate prices, whose levels are limiting the number of potential buyers, are contributing to this,” the report said.

Features. In Poland, the vast majority of apartments for rent are owned by private owners who own one or more properties, usually in different locations. And renters of this type of housing are more likely to view it as a temporary option.

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According to the report, 84% of Polish families live in their own property. Another 4% rent from individuals or institutional landlords. The other 4% occupy social housing and 7% occupy other types of housing, including free housing.

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