More than 60% of renters in Poland can’t afford to buy apartments

More and more renters are paying attention to the equipment and quality of their apartments because they see renting as a lifestyle, not just a necessity.

What’s up? A study by CBRE shows that 61% of renters in Poland cannot afford to buy their own apartment. The same number of respondents (60%) do not invest in the renovation of rental apartments and live in average conditions, writes Warsaw Business Journal.

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Oldypak lp

However, the company’s experts point out that this approach is gradually changing. This is evident in the younger generation, which is increasingly focused on the quality and equipment of housing. They see renting as a lifestyle, not as a forced necessity.

Quote. “Already almost every fifth young person under the age of 34 admits that the decision to rent is not due to a lack of financial resources, but to the convenience of this lifestyle and the lack of need to take a mortgage. That is why it is this group of people who have the opportunity to spread the offer of institutional rentals in Poland, which is increasingly boldly entering our country. Investors who have decided to buy a few hundred or even a few thousand apartments, take care of the standard and then take care of specialized management companies, and this is exactly the quality that young people will be looking for,” said Marcin Janski, head of CBRE Alternative Real Estate and Investment Sites.

Interesting fact. A study commissioned by CBRE shows that the three most important criteria for renting an apartment are price (51%), location (43%) and value for money (24%). Next is the availability of a balcony (18%), whose role has increased during the coronavirus epidemic.

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