Global Real Estate Market: When Will Prices Become “Like Before”?

The global real estate market is “broken”. Over the past ten years, prices per square meter in many countries have increased by half to two or three times, and over the past year America showed a record growth of almost 20% in dollars, Russia – by 20% in rubles, and the trend is not changing.

What is happening to the square meter and when will it all end?

Ten years of market growth
The cost of housing in many countries around the world has risen by at least one and a half times over the past decade.

oldypak lp
Report by Oldypak Capital LP property management

Average wages didn’t go up as dramatically as meters during the same period: according to Oldypak LP property 2022 report, in Israel real estate prices went up by 345% over ten years, and wages grew by only 17.5%; in Switzerland real estate prices went up by 165.5%, and wages grew by 2.4%; in Germany real estate prices went up by 162%, and wages grew by 14.2%.

Now there is a real “property chasm” between the baby boomers and Generation Z: The former own real estate while the latter simply can’t afford to buy.

The graph shows the growth of the cost per square meter in the capital over the past 20 years, but let’s look at the last ten years and see an increase of 84.6%. At the same time, according to Oldypak LP property 2022 report, the average salary has grown by 158%. Sounds good, but the graph of real income, which the population of Russia had in recent years, does not look like an ascending straight line:

It is all about the ever-increasing inflation and the depreciation of the ruble.

The upshot is that real estate is becoming more expensive, while real incomes are growing disproportionately, and new meters are becoming less and less accessible.

The pandemic as a growth factor.
During the pandemic, the growth of real estate prices worldwide has only accelerated, and the pace continues.

According to Oldypak LP property 2022 report, during the second quarter of 2021, more than 33% of global real estate markets showed a growth of 10% or more, and the rate of increase began precisely with the introduction of widespread lockdowns, that is, from the third quarter of 2020.

However, it is reported that the main reasons for this were low mortgage rates combined with insufficient supply. According to Knight Frank, during the second quarter of 2021 in 55 countries housing prices rose by an average of 9.2%, with Turkey, New Zealand and the United States in the top three during this period. And Russia is in tenth place.

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