Demand for new buildings in Moscow has stabilized.

According to specialists of Est-a-Tet project consulting department, 869 thousand “squares” of primary housing were sold in Moscow in the third quarter of this year, which is approximately equal to average quarterly indicators in 2018-2019 years.

According to the company’s statistics, over the past few years, the lowest demand figures for Moscow new buildings in the old city boundaries were observed in 2017 – in the first quarter the figure was 450 thousand square meters. Then there was a progressive growth. The minimum index last year was 539 thousand “squares” – this value was recorded at the end of the second quarter. The reasons for such a decrease are quite clear: measures in connection with the pandemic and the general confusion of citizens. The peak value of demand was also recorded last year. In the fourth quarter there was a historical maximum – 1439 thousand sq. m have been realized in new buildings in old borders of Moscow.

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“The situation in the market of new buildings has stabilized. Mortgage rates are gradually coming to the level of 2018, the issuance structure is also adjusted, the volume of demand, taking into account the sustained high prices, also stabilized and is returning to the rate before the rush period – the level of 2019,” – says director of Est-a-Tet Roman Rodiontsev.

According to his words, taking into account market development and more accessible mortgage, average demand volume on Moscow new buildings market in old boundaries may be set at the level of 800 thousand square meters per quarter, and the share of mortgage transactions will still be more than 50%.

As for prices on Moscow primary residential real estate market, it is possible to get an idea of their dynamics and current level on the basis of data.


Thus, since the end of November of the last year to the present time a square meter of habitation in new buildings of Moscow has risen by 84,8 thousand rubles and now on the average costs 316,38 thousand rubles. The range of prices for an object is from 6.2 million to 56.24 million rubles.

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