Brussels is a city of contrasts: Which neighborhood is the most comfortable to live in?

The Belgian capital never ceases to delight with its exceptional variety of real estate and pronounced social comfort. Brussels has something for everyone – just choose the area and buy nice apartments.

Saint-Josse-ten-Noode is the smallest of Brussels’ communes but the most densely populated. The area is not only culturally diverse but also breathtaking in its contrasts. There are five-star hotels at Place Rogier and imposing office buildings at Place Madou. Residential neighborhoods housing immigrants from all over the world, especially from Turkey and the Middle East, offer stylish apartments. The neighborhood is also home to some impressive buildings, such as St. José Church and the neoclassical greenhouses that house the French cultural center. An 89-square-foot apartment in this neighborhood will cost €290,000.

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Schaerbeek in the north is one of the most convenient neighborhoods in the capital. It is home to more than 130,000 residents from about 140 different nationalities, which adds color to the area. Schaerbeek can be noisy at times, but it’s easy to escape that fast-paced life into quiet alleyways filled with stunning Art Deco architecture. It’s a well-planned community with wide, open streets, Josaphat Park, stores, schools, and cultural centers like Les Ecuries Bio Van De Tram and Mustee d’Art Spontané. Brussels has a lot to see and do! For an apartment of 285 square meters, you’ll pay €470,000.

The Saint-Gilles area is leading the way for immigrants who don’t want to distinguish themselves from the locals. Art Nouveau houses are built right up to the Gare du Midi station. Saint-Gilles is full of quaint restaurants, stores, and a bustling nightlife. There is a beautiful Victor Boin pool and Turkish baths to relax in, as well as many theaters, cinemas and galleries. You will certainly make a good investment in real estate if you choose any of the local arsenal. The area will continue to grow in the future, attracting both foreigners and Belgians. A 435-square-foot apartment costs €615,000.

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